Aussie Fireman Brad Thomas posing naked

Bentley Race comments:

With the amount of guys I’m shooting here in Australia now I’m having to increase the number of updates I’m doing on the site to keep up.   On a regular basis the local fire department come around to my building to inspect the fire safety equipment.   All of the guys are pretty hot.  But it was Brad who started asking about my photography equipment and lighting when they came through last week.   It turns out that Brad is a bit of an exhibitionist himself and asked if I thought he would make a good model.   Well hell why not??

I was pretty pleased when he came back the next day with his uniform.   We had a lot of fun taking these photos as I made him run up and down the back stairwell and then start stripping off.   I had no idea that he was so muscular under all that gear.   By the time he was completely naked he started to show off even more!   Brad is one of the sweetest and sexiest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting.   This was Brad’s very first time naked in front of the camera.   He promises to come back to get into some action shooting with us very soon.

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