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8 Responses to “Sexy musle stud naked”

  1. Eghi says:

    I love cock

  2. mark hammer says:

    What a beautiful specimen…! What a magnificent biological engineery masterpiece…!

    The eximious eventy and the perfect whiteness of the skin is a 100/100. The factions of the face are easiley another 100/100.

    The gym work of every part of the body is exact and precise. The meat mass of the arms is a super extra plus value.

    The clearley Nordic style of every body structure of the boy doll does not need any more exuberant hairy.

    Simpley, this beautiful boy doll does not need asking anything unto any god: the good Mother Nature provided him of everything that he could asking gods.

    Hey, boy doll…! Remember me when thou cum in thy bedroom…! ; )

  3. mark hammer says:

    The serenous looking of his beautiful blue eyes –deepley and intensiveley blue as the cold waters of the Northern Sea–, also the innocent but indolent sensuality of the smile overflying on his beautiful red lips of scarlett, both are terribley sexy, as the heat of hells…

    Oh, beautiful boy doll, remind thee of my words everytime thou cumm in thy bedroom…!

  4. maicon says:

    perfeito….mais que perfeito….eu amo loiros…e este e o mais perfeito deles

  5. david v alencia says:

    este niño esta como quiere muy bien proporcionado, quien no quisiera que se lo proporcionaran verdad.

  6. theteus black says:

    nossa ele é muito lindo

    ele é souteiro

    sera que ele quer casar comigo

    manda ele entra em contacto comigo ok


  7. Perry says:

    handsome man sexy cock

  8. karla says:

    mmmm delicioso

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